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Levee System

Levees have been a defense against flooding for hundreds of years and United States has thousands of miles of levee systems. Some were built for agricultural purposes to protect farm fields and others for urban protections. Some were built recently and some date back as far as 150 years. As part of Map Modernization, levee systems have been identified in over one-fourth of the counties that will receive DFIRMs.  In Procedure Memorandum 34, Interim Guidance for Studies Including Levees FEMA puts the burden of identifying which levees provide base flood protection on local communities or other parties who are seeking recognition for such levees. In order for a levee to be recognized on new FEMA maps, the participating community must provide sufficient documentations that all aspects of 44CFR 65.10 are met. This documentation includes:

  • Provision of minimum freeboard documentation
  • Documentation that all openings are protected with closures
  • Embankment protection sufficiency documentation
  • Embankment and foundation stability analysis
  • Settlement analysis
  • Interior drainage analysis
  • Operation and maintenance plans
  • Certified as-built plans
  • All data submitted must be certified by a licensed professional engineer or appropriate federal agency.

How can LJA help you!

Levee failures during Hurricane Katrina around New Orleans, got everybody’s attention. Since then FEMA has required all levee owners to certify their levees. Here at LJA we can provide directions as how to obtain levee certification. Our team of professional engineers have the experience and knowledge of all FEMA requirements for levee certification. Contact us with your questions.