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Letter of Map Change (LOMC)

When conditions change impacting flood hazards, NFIP regulations require communities to submit technical data in support of map revisions. LJA staff has extensive experience with the technical requirements and knowledge of the NFIP Rules & Regulations. This translates into cost effective submission of LOMCs to FEMA, and expeditious processing by FEMA. Accurate and complete submittals will save time and money!

How to change or correct a FIRM?

Amendments and revisions to the FIS and FIRM require signing one of the applicable forms below:

  • MT-EZ Form - Use for Single Lot Letter of Map Amendment; NO FILL involved (LOMA)
  • MT-1 Forms - Use for Multi-Lot LOMAs & Letters of Map Revision based on FILL (LOMR-F)
  • MT-2 Forms - Use for changes to FIRMs based on better data (i.e., updated hydrology or topography) or changes to the BFE or floodway ( due to projects like bridges/culverts, flood control levees, etc.)

To support a LOMA or LOMR-F request from FEMA, an Elevation Certificate form must be prepared and certified by a land surveyor, engineer, or architect who is authorized by commonwealth, state, or local law to certify elevation information. The Elevation Certificate is an actual field survey of the lowest floor and lowest adjacent grade elevations (including basement) of all new and substantially improved buildings.

How Can LJA Help You!

Submitting LOMC and appeal/protest applications can be bewildering to community officials and their constituents.It requires various steps and close communication with FEMA. LJA's technical expertise and knowledge of the nationwide NFIP program and policies in conjunction with our past performance ensures efficient and accurate evaluation of map revision requests. Our certified professional engineers are here to help you prepare and process your applications including Elevation Certificate. Our services include:

  • Evaluating proposed floodplain development and floodrisk reduction projects for compliance with NFIP regulations
  • Research & data development for Submission of CLOMRs, LOMRS, & PMRs
  • Electronic submission of LOMAs (eLOMA)

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