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Property owners are required to purchase flood insurance if the structure is located within the high flood risk area and if the property has a mortgage or loan on it from a federally regulated institution. NFIP flood insurance is sold through private insurance companies and agents, and is backed by the federal government.

The map associated with your property may be found using the map search feature available on FEMA map service center. FEMA uses the most accurate flood hazard information available and applies rigorous standards in developing the FIRMs. However, because of limitations of scale or topographic definition of the source maps used to prepare a FIRM, small areas may be inadvertently shown within an SFHA on a FIRM even though the property is on natural ground and is at or above the elevation of the 1-percent-annual-chance flood.

Through a process initiated by submitting an application for a Letter Of Map Change (LOMC), an individual who owns, rents, or leases property may submit certain mapping and survey information to FEMA and request that FEMA issue a document that officially removes a property and/or structure from the SFHA. In most cases, the applicant will need to hire a Licensed Land Surveyor or Registered Professional Engineer to prepare an Elevation Certificate for the property.

Private Developers

Leonard Jackson Associates (LJA) has extensive experience in planning and design of site development projects including home subdivisions, condominiums, office buildings, townhouses, houses, warehouses, libraries and schools. We had numerous projects in the states of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

How Can LJA Help You!

We have experienced team of engineers who can provide support in mapping, site layout, grading, permits, utility designs, sanitary and water system design, and LOMC applications using innovative technology such as GIS. Please contact us to get more information on how we can assist you.