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Participation in the NFIP comes with roles & responsibilities of a community to ensure that sound floodplain management is practiced and insurance stays available for its citizens. LJA staff has been involved with different phases of this program for over quarter of a century from the early years of detailed analyses to Map-Mod and Risk Map solution. Because of our continuous involvement, our staff has a keen understanding of all facets of this program.

LJA has delivered projects throughout Region II for FEMA and several local and state agencies with unique specifications and permitting requirements. These include drainage and flood control master plans, dam analyses and reconstruction, water and sewage system designs, water system extension, water and sewage treatment projects, pump station and irrigation system design, highway and road improvement projects, and ice jam analyses. Our experienced team of engineers not only focuses on Hydrologic and Hydraulics (H&H) analysis, but understands how these data fit with other municipal projects and into the workings of local entities. We are familiar with the details and history of the majority of water resource projects that have occurred in NY and NJ. In addition, we have prepared several projects in Puerto Rico involving site design, flood control and LOMR along the Rio Grande de Loiza and Rio Caguitas.

We offers variety of services to states and communities. If you are a community or state official, please click here to learn about services LJA can provide to you.

State and Community Clients