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Private Owners and Developers

Leonard Jackson Associates (LJA) has extensive experience in planning and design of home subdivisions, condominiums, office buildings, townhouses, houses, Warehouses, libraries and schools. The design involves site grading, drainage systems, sewer systems, water systems, and other utilities. LJA had numerous projects in the states of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. In addition, LJA has performed environmental analyses for developers such as sewage collection, pump stations, and forced main design.

LJA has also worked with private owners in resolving their issues related to letter of map change (LOMC) application. LJA’s uniquely skilled team of professional engineers along with automated GIS and mapping technology have provided consistent, timely, efficient, and high quality services. 

We offers variety of services to private owners and developers. Please click here to learn about services LJA can provide.