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Leonard Jackson Associates PE PLLC

Leonard Jackson Associates is a multi-discipline small business engineering firm located in Pomona, NY and has been providing Civil Engineering services nationwide since its establishment in 1973. Mr. Leonard Jackson is the owner and President of the company with highly skilled employees including licensed Professional Engineers. The firm combines practical viewpoint with the technical skills necessary to produce timely project designs that function well and are cost efficient. We have extensive computer system and latest software programs which allows us to make rapid engineering configurations along with efficient design drawings.

In addition to our typical projects which include site work, subdivisions, condominiums, townhouses, houses, roads, storm water management and rehabilitated sanitary collection and treatment facilities, structural analysis and design, we also have expertise in various fields, including:

  • Hydraulics and Hydrology (detention analysis, floodway and floodplain delineations, flood control, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) mapping, Letter of Map Change (LOMC) including Letter of map Revision (LOMR) based on appeals
  • Environmental analysis, including DEIS, FEIS, per New York State SEQRA request
  • Corps of Engineers and FEMA permits
  • NJDEP and NYSDEC permits
  • Computerized Geographic Information System (GIS)

Our clients include Federal, state, county and government agencies, engineering firms and private developers throughout New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. We have completed projects for FEMA, US Army Corps of Engineers, United States Military Academy, and U.S. Post Office Architectural and Engineering. We have a proven track record of partnership and working together with nationally recognized companies.

As part of our FEMA projects, we gather information utilizing GIS data, HEC-GeoRAS, and various other GIS tools to prepare hydraulic and hydrology analysis for flood insurance studies to be used by FEMA, local and state officials for floodplain management and insurance purposes. The project involves determination of peak discharges, water surface profiles, delineation of floodplain and floodway and Flood Insurance Study reports. Part of the project involves coordination with Community, and FEMA. Studies have been completed in hundreds of communities throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The Leonard Jackson team has extensive knowledge of all facets of the National Flood Insurance Program including LOMC applications such as LOMR as a result of appeals and revised technical information. We have provided quality flood hazard services and products in support of FEMA since its formation nearly 35 years ago.

We take pride in providing high quality service to our clients using years of professional experience, and pioneering technology. We deliver best service by careful understanding of our clients’ needs and project objectives through communication, innovation, and reliability of our staff.